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The Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) is running a smart city project with a budget of 32 million euros to be completed in the next seven years in cooperation with Aalto University and Finnish innovation company Forum Virium Helsinki. TalTech’s Smart City Center of Excellence will implement technologies to be developed in the fields of energy, transportation, construction, data and governance in both Tallinn and Helsinki. Ralf-Martin Soe, founding manager of the Smart City Center of Excellence, stated that they aim to apply Estonia’s success in e-government to other areas of smart urban development, and also states that they are in close cooperation with Finnish project partners. The Horizon 2020 program supports the project with 15 million Euros, and the Estonian government sponsors 17 million euros.

Ralf-Martin Soe believes that technology applications in European cities and around the world are often incompatible, and that often remote access to even basic services offered by cities is not possible, Ralf-Martin Soe says “Our focus is to make it easier to go beyond being local in public services”.

For this purpose, the Smart City Center of Excellence, is conducting a study called Urban Open Platform Lab (UOP Lab), which will enable the sensors used in smart cities to be connected to compatible systems, and aims to create solutions that are developed with open source code that are candidates to become standard. The apps, which will initially be tested in Tallinn and Helsinki, will eventually focus on developing a joint concept with cities around the world. Destination cities include London, Barcelona, Paris, and various cities from Norway, Denmark and Latvia.

Although the Smart City Center of Excellence is physically in Tallinn, it conducts its research in partnership with Aalto University in Finland. Estonia benefits from the expertise of Helsinki, one of the most developed smart cities in Europe, Finland aims to benefit from the advances made by Estonia in e-government. That both countries have closely adopted digital solutions in the public sector creates an ideal environment to test the solutions to be put forward.

“We live in a world where cities play an important role in solving global problems. We also live in a world where digitalization is gaining importance and technical advancements are speeding up so quickly.”
Mihhail Kõlvart - Mayor of Tallinn

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